Studio DMI. The Study of Digital Music Innovation.

 Pr0-Mix/Master Workshop

June 16th-18th

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Creating a double entendre with two different languages, ‘studio’ in the native tongue of Italian-born lead sound engineer Luca Pretolesi, translates to ‘study’, giving depth behind the studio-based brick and mortar and turning Studio DMI into an actual concept. Studio DMI is not just a studio where the world’s top dance music recording artists come to have Grammy-nominated sound engineer Luca Pretolesi mix and master instant club bangers, Studio DMI stands for and by the idea of the study of Digital Music Innovation.

Specializing in electronic dance music, Studio DMI’s works are now notorious in pop culture and music. Spearheaded by mixing and mastering extraordinaire and 25-year industry veteran Luca Pretolesi, EUMM’s Studio DMI operates out of the underground Studio at Wynn/Encore where Luca continues to mix and master hit after hit from artists including Tiësto, Skrillex, Diplo, Lil Jon, Major Lazer, Bruno Mars, Iggy Azalea, Morgan Page, Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, 2 Chainz, Macklemore and Imagine Dragons, to name a few.

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“I had an amazing week with Luca mastering my album DRIVE – he’s a genius in the dark art of mastering with an incredible depth of knowledge and a serious selection of gear to back it up, whist also being a very cool, super easy to work with guy. I’m very happy to have such a great studio so close… “ - Gareth Emery

“Luca did an amazing job mixing my next single – he works really quickly and it’s great to have a super talented mixing engineer in Las Vegas where I’m DJing throughout the year.” - Morgan Page

“Thank you Studio DMI for the amazing mastering job and quick delivery time. Can’t wait for the next project!” - DJ POLITIK

“Very happy! Luca and I are still putting finishing touches on the records but everything to this point has been better than perfect!” - DJ MakJ

“Luca understands mixing and mastering for EDM in a way most engineers don’t. His knowledge and attention to detail sets him apart from the crowd and he’s done an incredible job on my new single. DMI is the perfect mix of creativity & professionalism … I’ll be back!” - JES

Luca is amazing! We had a great time working with him in Vegas on our new EP. He is unbelievably talented, professional, and very patient and easy to work with. He took tracks we had written months apart with different gear and made them all sound like they belonged on one album, and they now sound beautiful! We look forward to working with him again in the near future! We definitely recommend using Luca for any and all mixing and mastering needs. Maker Breaker

 “I’m thankful for all that I learned from you this year!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and the rest of the class!  I appreciate all of the personal time that you gave to all of our mixes.  I only wish the class would’ve never ended.” - Student of Luca

“Your professionalism and kindness really inspire us!! Can’t wait to see you again dude, I live here in Italy :) :) :) ”  Student of Luca (Dario Khademi)

“This was awesome! Your content was ridiculously good. I’ve taken a lot of workshops… I just took one by a highly respected mixing engineer (omitted name) and this one blew it out of the water!” – Student of Luca (Valid Atashzai)

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