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After pouring numerous hours on your passion you want to make sure that your track sounds as good as it possibly can. Mixing and Mastering is essential for your track to gain that “expensive” sound while also giving it separation, full stereo width and loudness to compete with other tracks you hear on the radio, TV, club or festival.

When you chose Studio DMI it’s because you’re choosing a highly skilled studio that specializes in working with electronic dance music and Hip-Hop. Our state of the art analog gear and top of the line digital software is the perfect fusion to help your mix sound full and bring it to life. Grammy nominated mixing/mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi lends you his ears, experience, and passion for music which has been entrusted by some of the most renowned artists in the industry.

Mixing & Mastering

If you want your track to compete with the industry’s elite and sound ready to be played on the radio, at a club, or at a festival, a proper mix and master is a must. Studio DMI takes a fresh approach and adds an artistic touch built on decades of experience to achieve the highest level of quality and ensure that the finished product reaches it’s full potential. SDMI can give your song the commercial loudness you desire while retaining punch and dynamics with crisp highs and clean, thick lows.

Studio DMI EDU

Ever wish you could learn from a professional to cut down the dreaded long hours of making mistakes? As humans we often spend more time fixing what we did wrong than applying what we know is right. Our education division focuses on providing real-world insight and reducing the time lost through failed experimentation. It’s not intended for the novice and we don’t spend much time on music theory. Our target audience is someone who knows what it means to be an engineer, to mix, to master, and how to produce: but maybe who hasn’t had the time or clients to gather the wealth of experience that our instructors have.

The Alliance (SDMIA)

If you’ve been looking for people who think like you, who have the same passion as you, and who want every resource they possibly can to help improve their sound: you’ve finally found it! Our 360º lifestyle approach brings you into a creative world full of balanced and harmonious energy. Being in tune with your life creates an environment conducive to clarity of the senses. This is an extremely important concept that allows mixing and mastering engineers to make qualified decisions.  The Study of Digital Music Innovation Alliance (SDMIA) is an allegiance of likeminded individuals inspired by the creative aspect of music:  heart, soul, and mind.

Wynn Studio

The studio at the Wynn was custom designed for DJ’s and producers based off of Luca’s Studio DMI concept. It has the perfect blend of analog and digital gear to help bring the best out of your music. Studio DMI knows how today’s artists are working and they don’t need a huge studio with racks of outboard equipment they won’t likely use. The studio is suited for “today’s” producers and this Las Vegas studio is a place where you can work in the same environment and be fueled by the same creative energy as the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, Lil Jon, and more.

DVBBS - "Angel"


Feder - "Blind"




Creating a double entendre with two different languages, ‘studio’ in the native tongue of Italian-born lead sound engineer Luca Pretolesi, translates to ‘study’, giving depth behind the studio-based brick and mortar and turning Studio DMI into an actual concept. Studio DMI is not just a studio where the world’s top dance music recording artists come to have Grammy-nominated sound engineer Luca Pretolesi mix and master instant club bangers, Studio DMI stands for and by the idea of the study of Digital Music Innovation.

Specializing in electronic dance music, Studio DMI’s works are now notorious in pop culture and music. Spearheaded by mixing and mastering extraordinaire and 25-year industry veteran Luca Pretolesi, EUMM’s Studio DMI operates out of the underground Studio at Wynn/Encore where Luca continues to mix and master hit after hit from artists including Tiësto, Skrillex, Diplo, Lil Jon, Major Lazer, Bruno Mars, Iggy Azalea, Morgan Page, Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, 2 Chainz, Macklemore and Imagine Dragons, to name a few.

Mission Statement

To exceed expectations by applying passion and know-how to enhance the digital music experience. We will strive to go beyond society’s musical limitations though dynamic applications and creative expression.

Our Philosophy

Studio Digital Music Innovation is, as its name describes, a means to advance the art form of music production and science.


Our team profile

Jacob Mork

Studio Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator

Ornella Contu

Account Coordinator

Nik Hotchkiss

Education Guru

Recording Engineer

Luca Pretolesi

Head Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Scott Banks

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Ronnie Lee

Business Affairs, Chief Executive Officer




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