Bang Bang Bang

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What do you get when you combine one of the most successful hip-hop producers in Asia and a seasoned master of the keys together? Well, the answer is you get BangBangBang. This dynamic duo consists of two members ‘Khan’, who is the mastermind and producer behind one of Asia’s most prosperous groups Thaitanium, and then you have ‘Keezy’ (aka Mista Keez), who has been working as a keyboardist and producer throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Staying true to the name their first release “The Wolf of Trap” in May 2014 is a high-energy banger that pays homage to one of the most entertaining movies of 2013 — “The Wolf of Wallstreet”. But this was just a teaser of what’s to come from the group, pushing the boundaries of EDM and linking the sound with hip-hop gives their music originality and uniqueness to it.

Never sticking to the script, Khan and Keezy draw inspiration from all forms of music like reggae, trap, and commercial dance hits, basically anything that is inspirational. Their soon-to-be-released EP, Bang Tha World, offers tracks with a different variety for everyone from smooth melodic vibes to break-your-neck beats that will leave your speakers pulsating!


“We In Dis Bitch” – Stereo Master