“The Alliance” on Soundcloud

The Alliance is proud to announce its very own Soundcloud pages.   The account page will be used to highlight our favorite releases from Allies as well as feature a track from each of our weekly-featured members.   Please email Christopher@studiodmi.com to have your track considered.   In addition, we are now offering the official “The Alliance” … Continue reading ““The Alliance” on Soundcloud”

Your last chance at $500

There has never been a better time than NOW to sign up for The Alliance.   If you become a member by Halloween (Saturday) then you will be entered into our $500 October Giveaway.   The $500 will be applied to the winner’s Black Card and can be spent on many pro services offered by Studio … Continue reading “Your last chance at $500”

1176 Shootout Results

Well, the results are out. If you haven’t already read our earlier “1176 Shootout” post and had a chance to analyze the audio files for yourself then please do that first.   As many of you may have thought, we found ourselves very surprised at the results of this shootout. Every source material created different … Continue reading “1176 Shootout Results”

Split-Band Processing Video

Join Luca Pretolesi October 9th 2015 for his proprietary new “Split-band Processing” technique.  This two hour mini-workshop is the first installment to our “Innovator Series”   Join the Alliance and learn more about Split-Band Processing HERE Join the workshop by emailing edu@studiodmi.com or completing our sign up form HERE