The ALLIANCE Academy presents:
Luca Pretolesi European workshop 2017


Dates we’re looking to host the European workshops in YOUR city:


Join our tour and be part of our workshop for €799. In this workshop you’ll have the chance to Mix and Master Merk & Kremont’s new single “Sad Story” with Grammy nominated engineer, Luca Pretolesi. 



Luca Pretolesi European Workshop 2017 Diamond Mix/Master Survey

    We're planning a European workshop tour but want to know from YOU what countries we should visit. Get involved by telling us what country you would like to see us host a workshop in. Above are the dates and Cities we're thinking of.


Early bird registration:

A single payment of 699 euro before July 31st, 2017

Payment plan:

First payment of 400 euro paid by July 31st

Second payment completes the remaining balance of 399 euro (799 euro total) and must be completed by August 20th.

Private Classes


Our private training sessions cover a range of advanced mixing, mastering and production topics with each session catering directly to the individual. Here is how it works. After completing a simple questionnaire and having a quick consultation with our Education Department, we take some time to review the material and put together a curriculum specifically for each private lesson. We then present the “innovator” with the outline for the private lessons and choose a schedule that works best for both of us.

All private workshops cost $500/hour which covers preparation, consultation and instruction. Our minimum duration is 2 hours.

Advanced workshop

Presented by: Luca Pretolesi


This live interactive online workshop will cover advanced mixing and mastering of electronic music as only Luca Pretolesi’s Studio DMI concept could instruct. Musicians and engineers who want to learn the exact mix strategies used on many of the world’s largest club singles can join along with Luca from the comfort of their own home or studio. During the 3-day workshop, “innovators” will sit in their own sweet spot and follow along as we dissect an electronic music mix from a professional producer.


Email to apply for our upcoming Advanced Mix Workshop!

Pro-mix workshop

In this course, students explore the advanced application of digital audio theory and the lifestyle approach believed to best assist in quality mixing and mastering. Students will interact with audio files, DSP, software signal routing, and interfacing equipment. Topics include analog -to- digital/digital -to- analogue conversion, client relationships, treatment of sounds, and most importantly: the subjective mixing and mastering approach used by renowned audio engineer Luca Pretolesi.

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*More Workshops coming soon!