Black Card Savings Program

Black Card Savings Program

The Black Card is now available as both an ALLIANCE members card and a gift card. You can now earn 5% credit (Loyalty Dollars) for every dollar you apply to your Black Card.

Although becoming a member of The ALLIANCE is highly encouraged, the Black Card is now available to everyone. Allies will receive the added benefit of 10% off all products and services in addition to the 5% in Loyalty Dollars for a combined savings of 15% on Studio DMI services and education. (ex $1,000 deposit is good for $1,150 of services) Plus, the $20 credit you can receive for referring a friend to the ALLIANCE using the last 4 digits of your Black Card.

Step 1: Deposit any amount of money to an existing or new Black Card

Step 2: Let your balance mature until the 1st of the following month (no earlier than 30 days) then 5% of your deposit amount will be added to your Black Card

Step 3: Make as many additional deposits as you like or save and spend your credit anytime.

Program Specifics

  • Both ALLIANCE members and gift cards are applicable for the program
  • 5% Loyalty Dollars are earned on the first business day of the next month after a deposit is made. This can be no less than 30 days after a deposit
  • (ex: $1,000 Black Card deposit is made November 18th. January 1st $50 Loyalty Dollars are applied to the Black Card)
  • The oldest dollars on the Black Card are used first for purchases giving the money applied to the savings program a chance to mature.
  • If funds are removed/used from the deposit amount on the Black Card prior to reaching the interest date, then only the remaining funds will incur the 5% Loyalty Dollars.
  • Once a deposit has been made, funds can only be applied to Studio DMI services (mixing, mastering and education).
  • Funds deposited to the Black Card cannot be withdrawn as a cash amount