Dominick Washington

Director of The ALLIANCE & Website Coordinator


Dominick Washington, better known as ‘Dom’ is Program Director of The ALLIANCE program, as well as a multi-media artist who was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He began his musical journey in 2007 when he was introduced to the world of DJing. He started out with gigs at local house parties and by the time he was 20, he was DJing lounges, clubs, and smaller festivals. Naturally, after being in the music scene, he began to experiment with music production and became addicted.

After some years of freelancing, Dominick then decided his next step should be in academics, to gain knowledge in all aspects of the audio industry. In 2013, he enrolled at The Art Institute of Las Vegas for a Bachelors of Science in Audio Production.  Today, he nears graduation and has claimed the role President of the A.E.S. affiliated AILV chapter. When not in school or recording/mixing artists and producing his own music, he spends the rest of his time finding new assets and looking for ways to grow The ALLIANCE.