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E.A.S.Y. is Enferno and Shiftee, yo.

These two titans of DJ performance first met in boarding school, where they were rivals in the dining hall. Back then, it was Team Enferno vs. Team Shiftee. The DMC champions have since found common ground with their mutual mastery of boundary breaking skillz, next next future sounds, and stylish hat wearing.

E.A.S.Y. is the craziest DJing meets live performance you’ve ever seen. Gear on gear with turntables, drum machines, and keyboards, all worked in a way that makes sense but still explodes your mind grapes. Oh right, and it sounds amazing. Melodic yet gangster, epic but classy – like a tiger riding a motorcycle wearing a top hat.

E.A.S.Y. is evolution: of DJing, of turntablism, of live music in general. There’s no push play here. This is #RealDJing and then some. This is a movement. This is the return of skills, the return of actual performance, the return of true talent and musicianship all coming together. Sorry if we’re getting too Kanye on you, but we’re hype over here! And E.A.S.Y. loves Kanye.

E.A.S.Y. is for everyone. E.A.S.Y. makes girls literally CAN even and causes the fellas to unleash DMX-on-a-rollercoaster barks. E.A.S.Y. is for your bff, your grandma, your homies, and your drug dealer. E.A.S.Y. is for the gritty club and the giant festival, the dancefloor and your headphones. Whether you want to watch or listen, turn up or take notes, E.A.S.Y. is guaranteed to give you what you need and beyond.


“Pop Music” – Stem Mastering