Ed Strazdas

 3 - black&white  About Ed Strazdas:

Ed (Edvinas) Strazdas is an electronic dance music producer/sound designer, and he’s been making giant leaps in the sample pack industry. His releases consistently chart in the leading online sample stores – Sounds.Beatport, Sounds/To/Sample.

Ed first discovered a passion for music in his early childhood and started attending music school at age 11. After graduating with honors, he moved to London (UK), where he started studying Music Technology in college (2 years). Ed then continued his successful path in music and enrolled to one of the highest rated universities in London (Kingston University), where he also studied Music Technology (3 years).

Throughout these years Ed became more and more interested in sound design,
synthesizers and electronic dance music. Being a student, you are always in need for extra spending money, so he used an opportunity to utilize his skills and make his first sample pack product in 2007. At the time, sample pack market wasn’t that big, so his futuristic sounding product quickly gained attention. Ed continued to release sample/preset packs and was later approach by a leading company Sample Magic to work together.

Ed released 50+ sample/preset packs to this date.