Gareth Emery – Drive (Album)

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Gareth Emery’s Album “Drive” – Stem Mastering

The inspiring story behind DRIVE—which hit #1 on iTunes’ Dance Chart in both the U.S. and Canada (as well as Top 5 in 20 other countries), upon its release April 1 – is derived from Emery’s 3000-mile adventure across the Oklahoma/ Texas border on Old Route 66. Exemplified by his deep and purposeful musicality, adept songwriting skills and ability to convey emotion through sound, Emery has created a unique blend of house, trance and electro that is explored fully on DRIVE.


“Dynamite” ft. Christina Novelli

“Eye Of The Storm” ft. Gavin Beach

“Javelin” ft. Ben Gold

“Beautiful Rage” ft LJ Ayrten

“Million Years” ft. Asia Whiteacre


“Soldier” ft. Roxanne Emery

“Lights & Thunder” ft. Krewella

“U” ft. Bo Bruce

“Long Way Home”