Mix/Master Engineer Completed Works


Mix/Master Engineer Completed Works

What is mixing?

   Mixing is the process of blending the individual elements within a song to create the highest quality mix possible. This process includes; balancing the levels of each track of the mix, fine tuning the sonic quality of each instrument  and/or voice using panning to create a stereo image, equalization, dynamic processing and the utilization of effects to enhance the original recording

What is mastering?

  Mastering is the process of turning a collection of songs into an album (or single) and combining them to create a final master for manufacturing. In most cases, only one song is created at a time, resulting in each song peaking at different levels and having a different overall sound. Our engineers unify your album or single with skillful use of his tools to give a consistent sound and quality.

Mixing & Mastering Services Defined


In order to stand out in today’s market, you need your track to sound as best as possible. We’ll  help bring the characteristics out of each element in your track to give you the “expensive” sound with audio mixing. Mixing will allow our engineers to provide you with a full stereo image with separation, giving you a clean professional mix, ready for mastering.


This is the standard practice for mastering a song. The artist sends a stereo file of their final mix, which is then put through the final mastering process. The engineer is able to enhance the sound quality and adjust the song to sound better when played on specific sound systems. Since the files the engineer is working… Click here to read more.


A mastering that is done by the artist sending files that have been summed into the following six stems from beginning to end of the session: Kick, Drums,Bass, Synths, Effects, and Vocals. This gives the engineer the advantage of being able to work with more individual aspects of the audio, compered to a single stereo file, while being very affordable. Click here to read more. 


A new service that allows the engineer to retain as much separation and dynamic A new service that allows the engineer to retain as much separation and dynamic range as possible and obtaining the clarity and loudness desired. The artist sends their full session of audio tracks, each bounced from the beginning to the end of the session. Click here to read more.