Nik Hotchkiss

Education Coordinator & Recording Engineer

Nik “Ink Well” Hotchkiss, is an American multi-media artist and entrepreneur. He is known mainly for his work as a DJ, producer and audio engineer. Currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nik has come a long way from his origins in a small iron-ore mining community in northern Minnesota. He began to study sound early and got his first job setting up PA systems for weddings and high-school dances when he was 15. By 18 he was headlining events and nightclubs. He recently celebrated his 17th year DJ’ing, producing, and collecting vinyl.

In 2004 Nik relocated from Minneapolis to Orlando, Florida to enroll in one of the world’s most revered audio engineering programs. He graduated at the top of his class with a Recording Arts Degree from Full Sail University. In the years following, he went on to earn a Masters of Entertainment Business Degree focusing on commercial studio management.

After college Nik spent almost 2 years in Nashville, Tennessee gaining experience working alongside some of the best mixing and recording engineers in the country. This led to him being recruited as the Lead Engineer for a multi-million dollar entertainment production facility in Las Vegas. So on 07-07-07 Nik said good-bye to “Music Row” and hello to “The Strip”.

He is an Associate Member of the Audio Engineering Society and holds several technical certifications relating to audio/video production. Since 2008 Nik has designed and taught courses in audio engineering for multiple national colleges and is currently responsible for overseeing the direction of Studio DMI’s highly regarded educational program.

He works full-time as an A1; both in the recording studio as well as “in the field” mixing concerts for some of the largest music venues in Las Vegas. Operating extensively out of his own private facility, as well as Studio DMI, The Hideout, Audio Mix House, and more, Nik has worked with more than 300 artists since he began recording and mixing.