Studio DMI’s Educational Philosophy

Make Music Better…

By sharing information from over 20,000 hours of experience.


Educating and innovating in the science of sound is our ultimate mission. In today’s industry you have to constantly improve your skills. Take your sound to the next level; stay relevant and interesting with the help of Studio DMI EDU.

Studio DMI’s educational program, focuses on the advanced applications of mixing and mastering techniques as well as the lifestyle that best compliments this type of career. We aim to help you cut the time (and mistakes) normally associated with learning something so technical. What makes our courses unique is that they can be taken at our in-house studio in Las Vegas or online where you are most comfortable. You will receive the same content and quality regardless of where you prefer to learn.


Workshop Testimonials

“I was hitting a ceiling in mixing and mastering and this workshop just provided all the insights I needed. Can’t say how much this workshop is valuable to me to reach the next level in my productions!
– Edward J. 

“Man all those little tricks are incredible…”
– DJ Kazzanova
“Overall, great experience! Thanks for organizing such an informative workshop!”
– Tim W. 
“I am amazed and truly thank you for putting out a product like this to clarify the little things and big things that sometimes cause problems in regular day to day operations.”
– Jai L.

“Great course, really accelerated & focused my knowledge of mixdowns & mastering both creatively & technically.”
– Jason S.