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    Marek Walaszek

    Hey guys.
    Not in rush, with no future intention or plan. Anyone wanna exchange some ideas and eventually put a track together?

    Feel free to browse though my playlist, all is produced by my and most mixed and mastered. The productions range form Hip Hop through House to Hardstyle and Trap. So I’m open to many different styles.

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    Edward Johnston

    Hahaha love the thread title! Bro!

    Awesome production on all the tracks man, love the MXF (particularly Champion) and the Kaen and Blacss tracks!
    Did you record and produced all those vocals too?

    I’m planning to make and release many more tracks in various genre in the next months now that I’m done upgrading my studio.
    So, open to collabs here too!

    What genre of music are you exciting to experiment with lately?
    I’m quite liking the Future house/trap/jungle terror trends, and I’m trying to merge them with some pop/rock instruments lately.
    Need to put some vox on my demos and finish them…

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    Marek Walaszek

    Hey Thanks a lot for kind words. Do you have links?
    I’m looking at the same Genres right now actually.
    I just finished a mixtape with Mr.Polska and did a remix for Boaz.
    Beside that I’m producing some Pop trap for Warner, two Trouse tracks and co-producing a Rap album for that guy Kaen.
    I’m also experimenting on a thing that I do not know the genre name yet but I have at least several tracks like this waiting including Redman and guys form Wu Tang Clan. I’m looking for a label interested in such electro hip hop stuff. I cannot show the WU tracks for copy reasons, but this is close:

    I’m still waiting for Kazzanova to release our Moobahton (I see you here Kaz :)).
    Right now I’m looking for some terror/dancehall mix.

    As for the production, I have produced some of them, but not all.

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    Edward Johnston

    Hey Marek, really impressive list of high level works man!

    Not near your level of productivity yet but working my ass off, and my past tracks don’t reflect the new ones I’m working on right now, but here you go, here are some tracks:

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