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    Chris Canopen

    What are some of your favorite plugins?

    I know for me personally, I have a handful of plugins that I always find myself grabbing: Native Instrument’s Supercharger and Fab Filter’s Pro Q, for example, have always been some of my favorites. I end up throwing those two on a lot of my channels.

    Let’s start a thread of your favorite tools of the trade and share the wealth and knowledge. Who knows, you might discover your new favorite plugin!

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    Rokhead Music

    Hi, all! Thanks DMI for this new resource! I really enjoy the Korg softsynth, Monopoly! LFO’s latch and so very flexible! Also, Ozone, of course!

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    Marek Walaszek

    Fab pro Q
    Waves Max bass
    Waves Vitamin
    ELI Arouser
    Logic stock comp
    UAD silver 1176
    UAD Precision Limiter
    UAD Precision deeser
    PSP Vintage Warmer
    PSP MIX saturator
    PSP Noble Q
    D16 Decimort
    PSP H2O

    And this might be all I use form soft…

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    Edward Johnston

    Lot of PSP plugins Marek! I forgot those years ago, but seeing their really great latest reverb 2445, I think I’m gonna check those again…

    What do you think about the ElI Arouser?

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    David Pluym

    :Eosis Air EQ:
    Best of both worlds of a transparent EQ and an analog EQ. What is really cool about the plugin, is the dynamic way where the Q shape changes when you make the bandwith narrower, this helps with making clean cuts.

    :Fabfilter Pro-Q 2:
    Very fast, very clean and the frequency analyzer is amazing!

    :Slate FG Blue:
    Really nice 1176 recreation. It comes in three flavours, a vintage edition for a bit of extremer colors and sharper transients and a modern one that is a bit cleaner and spares the transients better. Get a gain reduction of 10db, turn the wet signal down to 20% and you will end up with a nice push to synths.

    :Slate VTM:
    It is my go-to tape emulation plugin. It is amazing to see the sheer amount of overdrive it can provide a sound before sounding terribly distorted!

    :Slate VBC:
    Overdriving the MU can give a really nice snap, it can also do magic on lead synths, bringing them upfront in the mix, especially if you use it in combination with the FG Blue!
    The FG-Red in the bundle, is my favourite because of how it can enhance the groove in a song.

    :Melda MDynamicEQ:
    This thing can do so many things, it is mind boggling. Discovered it through Luca’s videos and have been hooked up ever since. This plugin alone can replace an entire chain of plugins.

    :Soundtoys Decapitator:
    Using this plugin in parallel mode is really powerful. Works wonders in fattening up sounds while keeping the low end clean. Also interesting for sound shaping.

    :Soundtoys Echoboy:
    When it comes to sculpting delay, I cannot think of a better plugin. With reverb and chorus options, this plugin represents almost a chain on its own. The stereo enhancement section works really well, when you want to give the delay a space next to its dry sound.

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    Erick De La Torre

    Favorite free plugins:

    Tal-Dub 3
    TDR Kotelnikov

    Favorite paid plugins:

    D82 Sonic Maximizer
    Invisible Limiter 2
    Fabfilter Pro Q2
    Fabfilter Saturn
    FET Compresor (Softube)
    iZotope Ozone 5 suite (still hadn’t chance to test 7 version)
    PSP MasterComp
    PSP VintageWarmer2
    Focusrite Red 2 EQ
    Focusrite Red 3 Compressor
    The Glue
    Tonelux Tilt
    Tube-Tech CL1B
    Valhalla Vintage Verb

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